A few years ago my son was enamored with a trading card game. He collected the cards, played with his friends, talked about them at school, and asked for more every chance he could get. My daughter noticed his excitement and wanted in on the action. Unfortunately, although my son loved the characters in his card game, she wasn't so thrilled.

I searched every local store for something my animal-loving, princess-indifferent daughter would enjoy. When nothing turned up there, I scoured the Internet but still nothing fit the bill. What's a determined mom to do? I knew I needed to create something myself!

I'd known Amanda for several years and knew she was a talented graphic designer so I gave her a call. Not only did she love the idea, but with three animal-loving daughters of her own she was more than ready for the challenge... and thus Pawtastic Pals was born.

After the first test sets were printed and we watched our kids enthusiastically play the game, begging for more cards, we knew this was something we wanted to share.

Adorable puppies? Of course. 

Interesting facts? Definitely.

A fun game (with a sprinkling of basic math thrown in for good measure)? What's not to love?

The best part about Pawtastic Pals is that it isn't girls-only or boys-only. It's something our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends can enjoy together.

Lara & Amanda



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